“I would describe the facilitators from the BBWC  as content experts with flare! They gave us rich language to try on for size, such as anti-oppressive strategies and pro-liberation work.  They lead us in honest discussions about power and privilege. Most of all they reminded us that tension is love!”

-Priscilla Tenant, Director of Human Resources


“The Black and Brown Worker’s Collective helped sharpen the tools that YouthBuild Philly wishes to utilize to create better staff and student relationships. With the amount of energy, intentionality, and thoughtfulness that went into the Social Identities Workshop they facilitated, it is clear that building community and creating a real, revolutionary change is the heart of their work. Based on the ability of staff members to now conduct their own workshops, and the thoughtfulness that staff members attempt to implement in all the layers of their own work, it’s apparent that Youthbuild has benefited greatly from our experience with BBWC and will only grow to be better. I hope to be the recipient of many more of their services and hope that their impact expands far beyond YouthBuild and Philadelphia.”

-Anthony Smith, Community Project Coordinator


The training with the Black and Brown Workers Collective took our conversation about social identities to a new level. It gave us grounded framework that we’ve continued to use many months later consistently as we continue the work within our own space. Personally, the training challenged me to push myself to a new space. I left reflective and ready to engage again in the conversation.”

-Sylvia Rivera, Post Secondary Education Manager


“Training with the Black and Brown Workers’ Collective was, for me, the first time I felt like we took a major COLLECTIVE step forward as an organization towards exploring our different identities and how they effect our work. While I think different individuals and small groups had engaged with this in the past, it is essential for us as a school to move forward together in best serving our students. I felt like this training helped lay a foundation for us to do that. Specifically, as someone who exists with significant privilege of varying types, it was a chance for me explore themes of racism, sexism, microaggression, oppression and liberation in a place that was safe but not comfortable. I think these types of spaces are extremely important to this work moving forward, and I am thankful to Black and Brown Workers’ Collective for creating it.”

-Ricky Strickler, Professional Development Coordinator